Mushrooms That Get You High

There are several individuals who live on the wilder side of life. There are so many different types of things to choose from such as alcohol, smoking, different types of drugs, and one of the most popular ones is mushrooms. Certain types of mushrooms have a hallucinogenic effect on the person who uses them. This has caused it to be one of the more popular choices.
This types of mushrooms that get you high are referred to as “magic mushrooms”, and there is a chemical inside of them that causes the user to have a type of sensory overload of several different saturated patterns and colors. This chemical is called psilocybin, and there has been recent searches that have found that the effect of this chemical is happening because the brain of the user becomes “hyperconnected”. This chemical works by binding all of the receptors in the human brain, and this allows for it to alter the mood of the user. Many of the individuals who use these mushrooms, have incredibly happy and very meaningful experiences, however, there are some individuals who end up having a bad trip and end up experiencing paranoia as a side effect. There have even been studies that have proven that when an individual becomes high on psiocybin, that it doesn’t just create a crazy and colorful experience, but it also can change neurologically that can last over a year. This is believed to change a persons out look on life, and become a more colorful and creative individual.
In conclusion, there will be further studies to come on psilocybin to try and determine the mechanism of how these changes occur. Researchers believe that by doing further studies, they will be able to create a way to make this into a treatment to be able to treat depression or other types of disorders. However, there is so much more that researchers and scientists need to learn before trying to create it to be used in this manor. Mushrooms can have dangerous side effects, however, in the overall study of them, they are believed to help adjust the bodies mood within their system.